Amethyst:   February Birthstone            One of the oldest Gems recorded in history.   
We are here to tell you about these precious stones and give you a chance to see and enjoy them as God does. Three times in the Bible it speaks about Amethyst.
In ancient Greece it was supposed that if a man drank his wine from an Amethyst cup, he would never get drunk. 

The transparent to translucent Amethyst quartz ranges in color from green to pale lilac to deep royal purple is known as amethyst. The pale colors are sometimes called "Rose de France" and can be seen set in Victorian jewelry. Amethyst has been so much in demand during all of history. Fine amethysts are featured in the British Crown Jewels and were also a favorite of Catherine the Great, and Egyptian royalty. The great painter Leonardo Da Vinci wrote that amethyst was able to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence.

The deep colors are the most valuable, particularly a rich purple with rose flashes transparent quartz commands the highest prices and is the most important quartz variety used in jewelry. 


         In 50 Years of buying Jewelry

        this is
the Largest Amethyst 

        I have ever seen  at 214 Carats

        from Uruguay.  Priceless!
   My girls! wear this Gem!   
 Not for Sale

Beautiful Deep Purple, excellent color cushion cut.

           6.55  Carats     from Uruguay

    12.8 X 11.5 X 7.4mm = 1/2 inch long
                 Natural Splendid Luster Un heated.
    Just as  God had it made.  Hardness  7
 $ 176

   3 Pieces of Natural Translucent  Rough

   Beautiful Gems are cut from this kind of
   Uruguayan Crystal. 

   Many hours of work to Cut a beautiful Gem.
   Uruguay, is in South America, on The South
   Atlantic side. Setteled by Portuguese in 1680.
 Not for

   African   Dark Purple Round-Oval

        12.45 Carats 

       15.83 X 9.12
  almost 5/8 inch
Un heated 

       Hardness 7  = it will scratch Glass
 $ 310

       Georgeous Fine Light Purple Oval Facet
          Gem from Brazil.  2.35 Carats.

          10 X 8 mm  just over 3/8 inch 
           Hardness 7
 $ 85


      Big  11.20 Carats    Un heated

     16.5 X 12.7 X 8.8 mm  5/8 inch long

     Hardness  7   Internally Flawless = IF
 $ 302

     LARGE Fine light Purple 
              OVAL-FACET from Brazil 

    4.45 Carats and Mindblowing Clean = IF

    12 X 10mm
just under ½ inch = .48 long
     Hardness  7
 $ 77


     21.40 Carats   IF = Internally Flawless  

21.05 x 15.98 x 10.52   0.846456693 inch 

       Hardness 7
 $ 527


   Changing  Oval  from Brazil

    24.93 Carats  IF Flawless   Hardness  7

    18.3 X 21.0 X 10.8 mm   almost 3/4 inch 
    Natural Un heated 

    Out of the Earth, just as God made it.
 $ 602

 Huge (see the finger) Cusion cut from Russia.

  40.80 Carats  some very very small
   inclusions (vvs) because it's huge.

   23 X 21 X 13.5mm  7/8 inch long.    

   Hardness  7        Pendant Size  
 $ 586

   Stunning Briolette from Uruguay
   Natural Smethyst,  Un Heated  Superior
   Cut and size. Purple- Pink 

   22.40 X 12.4mm = 7/8 inch long  


   Fantastic on a Beautiful Chain.
 $ 86


   8.69 Carats Just shapped by the cutter
   into a Pear.  Out of the Earth Un heated.

   Absolutely Perfect  Hardness  7 

   11.8 X 16.0 X 8.7mm = over 7/16 inch
                   8/16 = 1/2 inch long.
 $ 145

    AAA Flashing Green Pear Cut from Brazil

   20.05 Carats,      IF = Internally Flawless

   21.4 X 16.5 X 10.3mm  =  0.84 inch = over 3/4

   Hardness is at  7 as are all true Amethysts.

 $ 322


      Excellent Purple - Pink Fancy Amethyst

    12.4 X 11.4 X 6.4mm = almost 1/2 inch long

  Purple Pink Splendid Luster, Natural Stone,
   Un Heated.  Hardness  7
 $ 145

   AAA Dazeling Green Emerald Cut Shape

    The Crystal came right out of the Earth. 

    Natural Green Amethyst
    Crystal Un heated 

    23.75 Carats  and Natures  hard  7  

    21.5 X 13.4 X 11mm  4/5 inch
 $ 378

  Another Beautiful Rare Green Emerald-Cut
   Natural Unheated Amethyst

    34.39 Carats      Hardness  7 

   Big as you can see. Uruguay produces
   some of the world's finest Gems.

   20.8 X 17.8 X 11.5mm = over 0.81 inch
 $ 483
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